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    Gantry provides the environment for the template features, such as the intuitive user interface.

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Page Options Multiple Layouts & Possibilities

HTML5 Charts

Chart.js and HTML5 canvas to display beautiful graphs and exquisite typography. This only works on modern browsers and IE9+.

Coming Soon

The template also supports a simple coming soon or offline style page with a time counter. It has been specifically styled to match Acacia.

Flexible Layouts

The frontpage is just one example of how Acacia can be configured. See many different simple and complex examples on the link below.

Gantry 4 Framework

ARIOLI.RU Общая статистика переходов по всем рекламным компаниям

Год 2017








Gantry -378 Framework +1,036 Responsive +612 Layouts -1,078

RokSprocket Styling RokSprocket is a powerful, content extension

  • Simple Item 5
  • Features
  • Tabs
  • Mosaic
  • Others


7777777777RokSprocket is a multi-content display extensi7777dled with 7777777777ed, custom user interface.


77777777s a 777777show format.

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Tabs is a tabbed content based layout, that offers multiple locations for the tabs: top, bottom, left and right.

Custom Administrator

RokSprocket has a custom user interface to allow for greater, easier and more flexible control over the modules, such as ajax loading of items and extensive per-item configuration.

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Mosaic loads several images and content blocks within a grid structure, with dynamic loading and sorting.


RokSprocket has a custom override feature, that allows a template to override all scripts, stylesheets, images and PHP coding for each layout, for complete template control.

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More Layouts

Currently, RokSprocket also supports several other layouts, these are Headlines, Lists and Strips. Headlines is a ticker-style layout, that loads content titles or snippets in rotatable lines. Lists displays content in a vertical list format, in either a static or dynamic/accordion manner. Strips is a rotatable content block extension, similar to Mosaic.

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Gantry Extras

  • Grid System +

    Gantry splits the template module layout into rows of up to 6 grid blocks. Each grid block has per page width controls. Read More
  • Custom Interface +

    Gantry based templates are controlled via an advanced user interface, with tabs, toggles, sliders and modals, to allow easy configuration. Read More
  • Built-in Features +

    Features are self contained elements of functionality. They can easily hook into a Gantry template and be configured simply. Read More
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